Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shoes. <3

I must say I loveeeeeee shoes <33 Its my addiction to buy one pair or more on every shopping I go xD
hahaha hmm I just bought this ones <3

when i saw them in deichmann i had to buy them *-*
they ares sooooo nice and comfortable

i love the design of this ones that why i bought them xD
one thing i dont like about them is a zipper at the back but still i love them *-*

oh and i need new UGGs because mine isnt nice anymore.
i saw ones in UGG store for 150 pounds but they are awesome so its must for me to buy them xDD

what else I'm so bored today. My dad was to lazy to pick me up to the ice ring so i didnt go for iceskating today -_-'
i hate him for that butt... he's still my dad i understand him that he can be tired as well xD

OMG my brother is comming to london on sunday i cant describe how happy I'm!!!.
and he've got B-day on 20 august. so i have to think about some good gift for him xD

btw. I hate when people are jelous!

the song of a day is....

ahhh i love this song it reminds me of that 3 months when i was in poland when i was partying almost everyday hahahah

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  1. Dude your shoes are lovely! And my brothers birthday is also on the 20th of August hahaha xxx