Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tiesto concert

Ok so yesturday I went to Tiesto concert
Of course i messed up the dates -_-'
I had to go there bymyself because my friend couldnt go.
This was MGAIC. its all i can say. because you have to go and see it.
There is no words to that how fantastic performer he is.
I made my dream come true and I'm soo sooooooooo proud of it.
Sill cant believe it that i made it. seriously.
Than i met my friend and he took me to the ASP which was awesome as well.
I would love to upload some more pictures but my PC just dont wanna let me do it -_-'

If i only get a chance i will upload more xD Because I've got few good ones.

Tomorow I'm gonna buy my new adidas tracksuit and than I'm going to Elizkas house xD

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