Sunday, 2 August 2009

Party tonight.

Ok I'm going out for a party today.
I went shopping but i didnt find the things i wanted -_-'
I was also so hungry so i made myself a pizza but.... i was baking it for an hour (hahahahahaa)
I have completely forgotten that it's still in the oven hahhaha!
and thats what i have now :
hahaha i know i know it doesnt even look good hahhaa
I just throw it in the bin. grr I'm so hungry and i dont know what can I eat.
Its nothing for me there.
I think i'm gonna go for some fast food when I'm gonna be on the way to Eliza house --'
oh and I found one Audi that I really really like. My dad want to look at it today xDDD
it have red leather inside and that what was looking for + its cabriolet ^^
btw. the weather is so nice today *-*
I'm gonna take shower now.

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