Saturday, 22 August 2009

I miss....

Hey everyone ;]. I havent posted anything in 7 days . I just was too lazy to do it and also I didnt had so much time ;]
I feel sick today. I think my head gonna explode in a minute -_-'.
I'm co jelous of Carmen. She's gonna see 50 Cent in person today!!.
I wanna go out for some party but simply i dont feel right today -_-' So this weekend I'm gonna spend in my bed watching Scrubs.
I bought 1st season when i'm gonna finish this one i'll buy other ones ;]
bbtw. I love my new Military style Jacket which I have on on the picture up there ;]
Its really nice, and i was looking for something like this for long but finally i've got it and i'm so happy about buying it xD

Now I'm listening to cherry tree radio oO they have some good tunes in there seriously.
Flipsyde - Someday is there now. I love OLD Flipsyde not now -_-' I hope you know the reason HAHAHAHAHA

Oh and once again congratulation to Isa for winning tickets to Kolen. So bad that I cant come ;(
I dont have luck this year seriously \I hope for some luck for this par of the year where everything is starting again. Tour tour tour and tour again!!
I missed it so much. I get used to it and now seating at home doing nothing its weird fo me haha i wanna be on the move again xD
I'm happy that me and my friends are getting closer to each other again <3>
OH btw. Tom was on Cherry Tree radio now hahahahaa. awr I love his English accent *-* so cute
oh btw., i love this pic isnt that cute? *-* awr I miss them guys. I havent seen him from march ;( so long So hope to see them again soon. OMG i like the song thats now on CTR. Cinema Bizarre- Escape to the stars xD Ok i'm going to take shower no and have something to eat .

The song of the day is?

haha dont know why but i like this song xD

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