Saturday, 29 August 2009

Jump In Jump Out. <3

I'm in love with this song. Ciara & Missy Elliott are one of my favourites.
The Video is amusing . So this is a song of the day ;].

So Today I don't feel well. I've got a feeling that my tummy gonna explode in a minute.
Also I just called to get more info about my new Dog.
Yessss I'm getting a puppy *-*.
Its Tanned Doberman. I'm so inlove with those dogs.
I had one before but he died [*]
I'm gonna pick him up on 26. September.
So it's almost a month but still. I'm so happy about it.

what's next?
2 days ago I went to college for enrollment. I will have just 3 days a week which is about 14 hours *-* so that's really good for me. I meet my new Tutor. Shes really nice lady.
On thursday we gonna go for a trip to Central London (nice trip btw. hahaha)
But i'm gonna do Art & Design this year so I bet that's gonna be Museum or something like that xD
Oh she also said our class gonna be so smal. So thats kind of good. xD

Oh and thank you for my Dear Friend for letting me hear Tom saying my name. I love you so much for that M.

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