Saturday, 15 August 2009

4 years of DDM!!!!! ,Tokio Hotel in London oO, Party today ;]

OMG I was so in shock yesturday when i heard they are in London Heathrow airport.
I didnt know what to do to be serious. Simply juts go there as i was (no make up and in old not nice clothes) or just cry, laugh or go and kill them!.
seriously hahaha. I just grabbed my phone and i called my friend our conversation was like

-OMG no way!
-How ...what? oh no way!
-I know mann
-Yeah no way they cant be there
-yeah just tell me thats a nightmare and make them dissapear !
-You know what?...their flight gonna be in like 5 minutes do you think we gonna get to Heathrow in 5 minutes?
-eeeee.....noooooooo wayyyyyyy !

hahahahahhaa i know i know speachless hahaha.
But i just hope they gonna be back in london after making the video to Automatic xD
I need to see them here.!
*God can they do just one good thing in my life? * hahahahaa

oh ok I'm gonna party tonight xD . so maybe i'm gonna forget about that they were here yesturday.

And now Attenttion please!!
15.08.2005 - DDM
26.08.2005- I've started to be their fan.

one of my very first pic of them

OMG they have change so much , but in my heart they will stay as little Tokio Hotel from Magdeburg
I still cant believe how fast those 4 years passed by oO

we were going together through the biggest monsoons,
I was always by your side
I have been traveling 1000 oceans with you ,
waiting to live every second there in all of the venues,
where all of us were screaming and raising our hands together,
I can go with you to the end of the world,
even if thats gonna be dark side of the sun
take it with us, step into tomorrow
then we gonna stay friends for ever,
Tom you can help me fly,
and one day dark side will shine for us
with your automatic so electric voice.
we gonna wait for the final day together
and I will give you my hand and tell you to don't jump.
Because for me you are SACRED
and we gonna be forever

I Love you guys, for ever and ever. They always gonna have place in my heart. I'll never forget them, because things and moments that we gone through together are so so so so so special and unbelievable. Even people hate us so much for that what we were doing. we were strong together. Thank you so much for every second, every memory, every smile, every look. my lovely friends that i have meet on tour.

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