Friday, 15 January 2010


see that? can you see that? mineeeee its mineeee *-*
thank you to Isa. for buying me one. i cant wait have it in my hands ahahhaa. well 30 something days more o.O
oh no i cant even think of it haha im so already stressed out.
well and dont look at this hand on his thing yeah shes dirty dirty in it? hahahahaa
" you are dirty even when you dont think about being one" hahahaa .
and this this good kind dirty Isa have b-day everyone say happy bday isaaaaa. hahaha well we will celebrate it good on tour....oh we will hahaha i dont want to think about it haha i just see us drunk and happy somewhere in europe haha.
ok well lets come back to GQ. i have to say, im soooooo inlove with this shoot but ...yeah there is a but (always haha) Tom hes so boring, i cant stand how boring he is haha but well he said before haha hes poor grandma banana in style hahaa. .
I mean come on he should take of the jacket *-*
i wanna see him in suit hahaa.

and today i went to college but....we had no lessons haha so we drinked beer near our college hahaha. im so pissed of because i wanted to give back my project and get back my older projects.
im so curious what i got from them. well maybe i will see today.
well i hope Danya wont be in hhahah i already wanna go home even im not even in college.

oh and today i made my first chinese noodles. it was so goooooood. but than i wasnt well because i ate too much of it haha. but even my dad said it was really really good so xD .
i still have some noodles left so maybe i will eat it or maybe not haha.
and i went to sleep at 16 and woke up at 22 hahaha. but it supposed to be just one hour haha.
now i cant sleep shame on me haha.

ok now i wil ldo some graphics and i wil lgo to sleep soon xD .


  1. Hahahaha oh man,say thanks to my laptop cam for taking such a 'dirty' pic haha xDD I couldnt even see what i do xDDD

    Oh and ja,i think everyone should sing for me today xDDD
    Or on tour,with the condoms all around hahahahaha xDD

    Oh and you say Tom shall take off his jacket?
    Then i say Bill shall take off EVERYTHING !! haha xDDD



  2. jahahahaha man and she says shes not dirty hahahahaha!!
    people last sentence hahahahaa.
    i told youuuuuuu hahahahaha