Friday, 5 March 2010

Back from Humanoid City part 3.

Ok so last part of description how was my first part of stay in Humanoid City.
so we arrived in hamburg in very early morning. we were looking for some parking and camp and when we finally found it we went straight to sleep.
than we woke up and i called my girls they were on their way to the venue.
we organized ourselves a bit and we had problems with numbers but in the end everything went as we wanted. but i have to say girls who made organization in hamburg SUCKED! even they had branclets even they had numbers and so on it was one huge mes, reading 100 people for 2 hours its huge mess. i thought that waiting in obi for 3 hours in pressure from fans was something bad but no this hamburg organization was even more bad.
but thats how it is when someone is doing something without even having idea about it.

we also went to the swimming pool and had showers and than nice toilet talk hahahahahahahahahaa
"oh man" " its not funny" " no mannnnn" hahahahhahaa
anyways. my girls in the evening again and we had little party there, + my UGG's were so wet and i get pain in my feet because of it. i bearly walked .
than we went to some building where the camp was and dredi gave me hot wine. got it was so disgusting hahaha seriously!!!
but well it was making me warm so i drinked it haha. than we went to the wenue line and again had problems with numbers ( yeah we love HH organization) and went to sleep outside.
at 7 everyone had to wake up and again organization sucked, i dont know why they woke us up so early -_-' i was so tired cold and fucked up.
at 12 we finally got the branclets and could move to the car and eat something and so on. we drove to macdonalds ate our food and went back to the venue.
where we changed our clothes and prepared for cocnert

entry was again with so much pressure from fans and so on and they searched us so much at the entrace oO i dont remember how i runned but i just runned haha i saw toms side is full so i went to georgs site which was also full but i pushed in hahaha and i had first row straight opposite georg's micro haha.
concert was good i mean very good but i felt weird being on georgs site i wanted to go to tom so badly but well hahah
thanks for tom for staring at us again and screwing fans on his side hahaha.
and god one girl fainted behind me and security almost broke 2 of my fingers so i started to bitch at him and bill was pretty shocked hahaha.
and yeah tom hahahaha when he was throwing water he came straight to me and isa. he smiled drinked his water and smiled again and than we were like * nooooooo no go away* to him haha he smiled again and ? and we covered ourselves with our flags and he throwed water, when we removed our flags from ourselves he was still standing there haha and when he saw we dont have flags anymore he rapidly throwed it straight on our faces and he was hell proud about it hahaa.
yeah Tom i hate you for making my cold even worse now thank you!
and than we had total krize when leaving the venue we jumped around singing
* yehey finally tour-off-days* and people's faces hahahahhaa priceless hahahaha
than we had krize in the car TH on full volume driving to our hotel hahah and in our hotel i ate soup had shower and went to sleep.

in the morning we said good-bye to isa god that was so hard hahaha.
and than we went to hauptbahnhof sat in macdonalds went to lidl to buy some food than went to the airport and while going there we had party in a bus.
but also i have to introduce you to our best friends hahaha

from left : Jasiek, Fat Steffy, Zenek, Basia, Tobi, Marysia, Mariola and Zaklin hahahah
nice in it? hahahahahah
and i forgot about that we sat on ZOB unpacking charging our cameras and my foundation fell down on the ground and broke haha that wasnt nice hahaha
on the airport dredis dance broke my feelings hahahaha.
and thaaaaaaaaan.....i waited for my plane and i slept in in and i got back home so tired and sick.

so thats it for this trip. xD

i will try to move my pics and videos today xD


  1. wiadomka, ze z Honey i jeszcze z typka jedna ode mnie :) :D zgadamy sie jak cos w Lodzi :*

  2. o laska, z opisu wynika, że syto miałyście przez te wszystkie dni, i ty, tak ma być, haha! ;D powiem ci, że fat steffy jest kozacka hahah
    z tego co mówisz to organizacja HH nadgania pomału nasza polska, chociaz nie, sorry, tej to nic nie dorowna ;D
    btw chciałabym zobaczyć ten jego proud face, hahah

    podziwiam cie ze przezylas taki trip w zimie ;D


  3. wybieram sie, wybieram, ale ostatnio jakos palam do tego mniejszym entuzjazmem, ale zlewam, slyszalam ze ktos tam duzo alko zabiera i biba bedzie, ahahah ale ile w tym prawdy to nie wiem, trzeba cos ogarnac dla ciebie, w koncu 18 lat skonczylas! hahah :D

    grunt ze stefcia sie spisala hahah, mam podobnej wielkosci torbe i zawsze musze w nia kopnac od spodu, bo nie chce sie przechylic tak zeby lepiej jechala hahaha

    to ogarniaj te foty i wstawiaj! chce jego autystyczny twarz zobaczyc haha i te zakrzywione nogi, on czasami wyglada jak kaczor, nie powiem ze nie hahah, ale czaisz, tak co do koncertu, to mam nadzieje ze laski nie beda robic przypalu i nikt sie nie bedzie lał ani wyzywał, niektore tak dra morde juz pod hala, nie no spoko, do wiekszosci nic nie mam, ale niektore sa ostro nieogarniete oO zobaczymy jak bedzie, nie ma co, trzeba zczillowac ;D