Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Back from Humanoid City.

Sooooooo Im back from my first part of Humanoid city tour.
I have to say it was hell cold, sick and amusing. oh god i still dont know what does bed, shower, internetth and proper food means. i missed it so much.
hmm i dont know where to begin so much happend.
well me and Isa spend 6 long cold and rainy days in rotterdam, organizing whole camp having bad luck because someone broke into isa's car and left us with broken window.
but in the end i had first row next to my Cookie (Tom) haha
* I'm hungry, give me my cookie!* yes yes everything was about cookies in rotterdam hahah
im so proud about this cocnert, and how we organized people together. i met so many amusing people that i want to see again and again ! and so many grutzels i dont want to see again hahaha .
and other thing was that everyone was so stressed out and so on and i was the only one who layed on the barriers so chilled out with no proper concert feeling haha
im so happy i could be there with my Jani and this mixture of Czech Polish and German flags in first row haha. and than the show beginned and it was like one big BAM. amuuuuuuuuuuusing
i mean the best stage they had the best live show and so on. and tom. haha i dont know why he was looking at me and smiling at me all the time but im so proud of it hahah.
Even Jani was so like o.O because of how he looked at me, even when the lights went off haha
+ we had nice showers from him and gustav .
oh god i find it sooooo cute how he behaved to me awrrrrr oh and he made me embaressed hahaha, i was standing and he was looking so *-* at me and i looked and smiled and he smiled and still looked and i was to shy to hold my look on him and i turned my head and he was still watching hahah. ! stupid stupid hahaha . and bill almost fell on stage again haha me and jani were laughing so much at him even tom laughed than hahaha.

well what else about rotterdam?
one night we tried to sleep outside near the venue police sent us away so me isa and maloez stayed in the car on venue car park hahaha police came and other car was standing and watching us for so long so we drove away because we were to scared haha and hahaha we mad "bed" inside the car and we didnt wanted to destroy it so we put up isa's front seat and i drove with my back to front window hahahaa haha i also had my seat belt on hahaha ! haha it was hilarious!

we made video haha and there was a old man in mercedes hahaha i knocked in the vindow and he waved at us and laughed hahaha hahaha god
what else.... oh i also lost 3 pairs of gloves grr everytime i bought one i lost it haha well now i found 2 of them and i dont know where is the other one haha

other thing was we went to the hotel for one night next to the hotel we had this amusing bridge we went on some ship thing and were filming the bridge and this thing started to moooveee hahaha i had helicopter in my head than haha
and also when we were at the hotel we wanted to bring our friends over to our room but we didnt wanted receptionist to see it haha so we searched the way how to do it haha and we found EMERGENCY STAIRS haha well we didnt knew it it was fire stairs and i closed the doors haha and we were STUCK in it haha because the doors didnt had handles! so we paniced went down and down and we wend out and also doors closed and we paniced we will stay outside for whole night hahaha because we had no way back hahaha but we had luck one fence was opened hahaha but well it was fucking scary we paniced so much hahaha than laughed at ourselves a lot hahaha.

oh while waiting for guys all turkish guys were stopping at us and one almost hit Isa... such a drunk dickhead -_-' .

i also still feel pipes in my ass from isas backseat hahahah because we put all seats down and made bed from a car hahah. oh and we had rain in car each morning because of our breaths and we bought sponges and we have our own spongebob hahaha

oh to organization hahaha i bet now everyone will think im so agressive after my nice speach to mloez about her organization hahaha. everyone was so shocked hahaha but well .

oh and when we sat on the police station to report that our car got robbed there was this weird turkish guy who spoke to us in dutch and his girlfriend looked like proper slut hahaha
good that stolen bags were from some belgian fans that left it in isa's car and nothing from us got stolen haha oh and we didnt knew the colour of it so we said at the police station they were pink and dark blue and in the end woman wrote dark blue with pink lines on it hahahahaha.

and i had my own Jay-Z hahahahah
and i got nice thing from him ...and i still wonder how come i got it hahaah from who and how and so on hahahah

we also had interview for dutch TV haha * WTH are you doing here?* * we having breakfast?!* hahahahahahah

we learnbed so much of dutch hahaha

niet lopen
neuw wegdek

slecht wegdek
winkel hoeren
kanker mongolen
kanker op
kanker hoeren
neuken in de keuken
Bob blijft Bob

and many many more hahahahahah

also i tried to read dutch but well... i sucked i know hahahahahaha
madelon put the video on youtube i didnt even knew about hahahahaha

hahahahaha shit what a tongue breaking!

i will post pics as soon its possible as i bought SD HC memory card and my pc does not read it!
so if i find a way to move my pic's to my pc i will be so happy to share them with you guys!
tomorrow i will write what happend in obi and hamburg! so stay turned!



  1. Hhahaha, ogod that speech hahaha
    You did scare me XDDD

    Slecht wegdek! XDDD
    omg, i'm gonna say that again to you @ summertour XDD

    & omg our ride in the car, hahahah, that guy was like ''hi! (Y)(Y) XD''

  2. Hahaha it was a unny time..except of the weather,organisation and the window thing -.-
    But well,we learned much xD
    Remember how we mixed up every language in the end hahaha xD



  3. przygodowo max, hahaha! a kiedy wbijasz na Łódź? :*

    na pb masz full skrzynkę, hahaha

  4. huhuhu grubo :D:D
    no dzisiaj się wszystko dowiem, ale najprawdopodobniej wbijamy już w piąteczek, ostatecznie sobota :D w każdym razie nie mogę przestać cieszyć michy ;/ hahaha