Sunday, 7 March 2010


i have to saaaaaaaaay! that im fucking lazy today hahaha
i supposed to wake up in the morning and start to pack up again. what am i doing?
i stit on my ass doing nothing hahaha .

i did some pic's hahaha.i know i look so lame but anyways hahahaa.
i should move myself to wash all the clothes which are left and pack them into my bag
+ i should talk to my dad he wont listen to me anyways but lets try xD
i supposed top show you more pic's from obi and hh but im to lazy to tag them now hahaha.
so i will do it later today or maybe tomorrow xD

now i will go to my dad and than wash all clothes and than clean up my room and than pack up lets hope i will really do it hahaha.

have nice day.!


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