Tuesday, 9 March 2010


..ready to go!.
well as you see im almost packed.
but! im panicking now because? i lost my tickets for those 2 cocnerts somewhere! omg!
tickets where are youuuuuuuuuu?
they were in an envelope i swear hahaha!
but they are not there anymore and all the papers are not there as well!
god damn! i better find this tickets now.
should i call them? haha can someone give me the number to them? hahaha
god god god.
whole nati ladies and gentelmen.
tokio-hysteria is starting i know . and i bet my girls will say one word * its normaaaaaaal* hahaha
yeah its not normal im loosing everything haha.
but i found my rings i thought i lost on concerts and i found my gloves and oh god now i have to find my tickets!

oh i have also food to pack, i hope airport assholes wont take it away from me !
and jesus why i always have to have a mess when im going somewhere? i mean its not a first time
"Nati ogarnij sięęęę! bo będzie przegwizdane kurwa kurwa kurwa!"
haha i had to do it hahahaa

im listening to th on full volume my dad is in work and i can MAKE SOME NOISE hahahaha
no but i bet he hided my tickets
but no hes not that jerk oh god im so fucking streeeeeseeeeeeeeeed!

oh and my dad told me i have to go by train to my grannyto visit her..well that was my plan HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
nice so my timetable is so tight hahaha.
today- bremen + Hildesheim
tomorrow- Poznan + Warsaw
than Lodz
than Walbrzych
than lodz
than prague
shit hahahahahha i dont thinki can handle this hahaha!

ok i will go to look for my tickets! keep your fingers crossed for me!


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  2. Good luck!
    btw i was on helsinki consert.^^

  3. Girl!

    I wanna hear all off your story's when you are back home.
    We must have eachother msn adresses I Think :-)
    Have fun fun fun.

    Ciao kiss,