Thursday, 18 March 2010

Back from Humanoid city part 4.

oh god i cant believe what happend this time, even organization scked so much it was so amusing, so i cant believe it still
i wanna say big big thank you for my girls for the support they gave me in this hard time.
and all the things we went thought together
and gustav and georg sorry for the windows hahahahaha
i bet all the czech fans from normal standing must hate us for taking their view away from them.
oh god hahaha and making their moods better is such a special feeling, and that they said the thank you speach just to you is such a achevement. and hearing this was like big bam in our faces of course in positive way haha.
and much much more which i will write about soon as now im too tired to do this and i have to move my pic's and vid's on my pc but that will happen probably on weekend.

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