Sunday, 7 March 2010

01. I live on a corner.
02. I have a body piercing.
03. I can’t paint.
04. I like Scrabble.
05. I like scattergories.
06. I love cookies and chocolate.
07. I love summer.
08. I live by the ocean.
09. I’ve tasted play-doh.
10. My house has 4+ bedrooms.
11. I have a simple street name.
12. I lose things often.
13. I like to read.
14. My mobile phone is mint.
15. I love the Sims.
16. I like Tilly and the Wall.
17. I’ve never heard of Tilly and the wall.
18. I’ve been to the mall this week.
19. I am hardly ever home.
20. I’m paranoid of sharks in the water.
21. I’ve been to New York.
22. I’m kind of looking forward to school.
23. I love back-to-school shopping.
24. My garbage is full.
25. I don’t do my own laundry.
26. I have a dog.
27. At one time I had a hamster.
28. Someone has stolen money from me.
29. I like crayons.
30. I like Nicole Richie.
31. I like vodka.
32. I own a Dane Cook CD.
33. I’ve tried to solve a Rubik’s cube.
34. It’s hot out.
35. I have an air conditioner in my room.
36. I love Johnny Depp.
37. I have seen pirates 2.
38. …more than once.
39. I have had a gameboy color.
40. I have Nintendo 64.
41. I watch Family Guy.
42. I brush my teeth more than twice a day.
43. I have no interest in sports.
44. I play the guitar.
45. I play the piano.
46. I have naturally wavy hair.
47. I have naturally straight hair.
48. I have naturally curly hair.
49. I have gotten a killer tan.
50. I like Subway sandwiches.
51. Something is bothering me right now.
52. I have a pool.
53. I wish I had a pool.
54. Sometimes I like to play pool. (Even though I suck)
55. I am looking forward to a vacation this summer.
56. I am going on vacation with my family.
57. I am going on vacation with a friend’s family.
58. I am bringing a friend with me on vacation.
59. I like cereal.
60. I am watching tv.
61. I want a tattoo.
62. I want a tattoo in memory of someone.
63. I have no concept of time.
64. So far this survey is bad.
65. So far this survey is good.
66. So far this survey is alright.
67. I have plans to go on a boat tomorrow.
68. It is supposed to be cold tomorrow.
69. I am growing sick of the cold.
70. I have a lot of jewelry.
71. I am a good speller.
72. I have bought a bootleg movie.
73. I have straight teeth.
74. Where is my retainer?
75. I like Hello Kitty.
76. I like the Disney channel.
77. I like my middle name.
78. I know what I’m going to name my kids.
79. My room is a mess.
80. I have gone to sleep away camp.
81. I am going to camp this summer.
82. My friends are ridiculous. (Ridiculously lovely!) (;
83. I like LOVE cherry-flavored things.
84. I like grape-flavored things.
85. I am lactose intolerant.
86. I keep a journal.
87. I don’t see enough of my family.
88. Technically, it’s early morning.
89. I love to buy clothes.
90. I have an adopted family member.
91. I used to watch The Simple Life.
92. I have been very busy lately.
93. I can’t wait till I get my driver’s license.
94. I have a driver’s license.
95. I like to light candles.
96. I am going to sleep after this survey.
97. I am going to take a shower after this survey.
98. Something else.
99. I have a boat.
100. I love tubing.
101. I have a jet ski.
102. I have been camping.
103. I have a lot of decorative bowls and boxes.
104. But not much to put in them.
105. I am multitasking right now.
106. I’ve had a free ride in the back of an ambulance before.
107. I’ve been wearing sunglasses lately.
108. It’s absolutely scorching.
109. I don’t like to eat fast food.
110. I find myself eating it anyway.
111. I’ve been on a cruise before.
112. I travel a lot.
113. I am wearing pj’s.
114. I had/have a trampoline.
115. I’ve recently had a haircut.
116. Yellow is one of my favorite colors.
117. My birthday is in the winter.
118. I have a lot of pillows on my bed.
119. My bed is not made.
120. My bedroom walls are purple.
121. I have changed a lot.
122. I have two holes in each ear.
123. I save movie tickets.
124. At one time I collected Pokemon cards.
125. I have a local Target.
126. I have seen The Wedding Singer.
127. My family has 3 cars.
128. I like Chinese food.
129. I wear a lot of beaters.
130. I like lip gloss.
131. I straighten my hair a lot.
131. I am 14, 15, or 16.
133. I’d love to have a pet monkey.
134. I hope I’m filthy rich one day.
135. I’ve gone on a school trip overnight.
136. I like parties.
137. I have plans for tomorrow.
138. I like Neopets.
139. Thank God it’s winter
140. I like Dunkin’ Donuts.
141. I like long car rides.
142. I get carsick.

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