Sunday, 3 April 2011


Rings: H&M & Primark
Necklace wrapped around my arm: cant remember 
Leggings: River Island
Tank top: Primark

OMG im inlove with my new H&M ring, i saw it online few days ago and i fell for it. I was looking for something like this for ages and none of the other rings i tried on were right but this one is just perfect, fits perfectly and feels confortable, i have few rings that really annoy me when i've got them on, for eg,  the one with silver bird i have on on this pics, its really pretty ring but when i want to reach something from my pocket or im doing something with my hasir its just pain in the arse seriously.  The tiny tiny ring with cuffs on is so old, i cant remember where i got it from i just remember it was attached to some branclet, and i bought it because i remember how hard i tried to be emo kid but i never looked like one as i never could reach this emo look, which is good because now when i look at this i find it ridicilous but well another fun fact about me : "i tried to be emo but i failed"  lets go back to the ring, so yeah i found it few months ago and i actually like to wear it from time to time, it looks good. What else it was such a nice day today and when i came back home there was thunderstorm. .
I had such a nice day/night with my girls last night we went to the party had some fun and than decided to go home earlier and do "girls night" we watched movies and did face masks , fun times! I want more of those!

Anyways its my dad's day today i dont really know what can i call it maybe like half-bday or name day ? polish people celebrate it and today my dad have it so happyyyyy name day/ half-bday to the best dad in the whole world i love him so so much !

yeah and now im gonna go and force myself to do some research! and no i dont celebrate UK's mothers day, im gonna wait for may :D but happy mother's day to everyone who celebrate it.


  1. Świetny pierścionek! Chyba się przejdę do H&M ;)

  2. jezu dziewczyno, jak Ty schudłaś. :D <3

  3. Genialny top i fantastyczna biżuteria!