Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hello to all of my readers! I know I didn't said a word after the post about my exhibition and went away with no sign of life and I'm truly sorry ! Its just I was so hyper about the summer that I totally forgot about my blog, which is bad but oh well. And as you can see I actually never post over summer, I don't even know why I do that but I like to have a bit of a break from everything over summer. Unfortunately my summer wasn't that good at all, I had so many problems and I'm still trying to get myself out of it mentally even so they are over. It supposed to be 180* different, I planned my summer totally different but with my luck everything turned to be just some kind of a mistake!  I lost so much and if i would came back to the UK after just one week of being in Poland my summer could have turned out pretty great, how bad I cant turn back the time and correct it, but we all learn from our mistakes right? so no more Poland for me for loooong time I don't even wanna go there in near future . Its funny when i look at it now how everything can be destroyed by one move, pretty sad but i need to get over it and get myself sorted out! .

Ok so I started my second year of National Diploma and its gonna be sooo hard this year, for eg. last year we had up to 3 months to finish off one project, right now we've got only 1 month which is not enough time, so what I need to do is manage my time even tighter than before. Its all because of portfolio building and all of this Uni stuff we need to get done . So I've got new project which is a group project , I'm gonna kinda collaborate with one photography student and 2 graphics students.  I need to create accessory  and this time I can get my own idea of the theme and I've chosen paper & volume. I never work with paper and my tutor was complaining about that a lot last year so I'm gonna give it a go this time.. this is exciting for me as its something new and i've got some nice ideas in my mind !


  1. jesteś strasznie podobna do Honey!;)
    Pozdrawiam! :)

  2. o nieeeeeeeeee haha blagam tylko nie honey hahaha !