Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday = Boredom

I must say that this was boooooring day -_-'
seriously, the weather was nice but still boring.
I was on the walk with my dad today. and than we went to the shop.
Our conversation there was so funny hahaha I wanted hot smoked Mackerel
so we went back to the fridges and my dad picked up some Mackerel fish

Dad: The one with pepper is good...
Me: Dont touch it!...somebody gonna eat it man!
Me: Why are you laughing? just stop touching that fish man!
Dad: Cant you see the foil there? hahahahahah "Don't touch it!!" hahahahah

Andd.....he was following me in the shop and everytime i grab something for me, he was like "don't touch it!" He was laughing at me -_-' yeah I was dumb but seriously i thought its just on the paper with no foil around it hahaha

Than we came back home and I had some watermelon with tropicana juice. I love watermelons. My favourite fruit xD

Than went to see our new house where we gonna move
Its really nice big house in Amersham .
And I've already planned how my new room gonna look like xD

I want brown or grey walls + some vintage wallpaper
light wooden furniture and huge Michael Jackson Picture on the wall .
Thats what i want for sure xD
Oh and I want sofa! and coffie table.

Oh.... and I forget my PC is one big piece of crap seriously.
Good that my dad want to buy me new laptop, because I've got the feeling that I'll throw this PC out of the window -_-'

Now I'm reading Michael Jackson Book. "Michael Jackson The Magic & The Madness" really good book
based on his life and when I've read about what his dad have done to him I want to go to California and kill his dad with my bare hands seriously.
"Joseph grabbed michaeland according to Marlon held him upside down by one leg and pummelled him over and over againwith his hand hitting him on his back and buttocks."


"When Michael was 5 he toddled into a room and had his breathe taken away when Joseph tripped him and he fell to the ground bloodied 'That's for watcha' did yesturday' Joseph said 'And tomorrow, I'm gonna get you for what you'll do today'
Michael began to cry. 'But i didn't even do nothin' yet' he said through his tears
'oh you will,boy' Joseph said 'You will' "

What a son of a bitch oO. What a Father? How could he do such a things to him?!
He was so innocent little boy -__-' I'm getting angry while reading this book oO

ahhh.... ok Good Night and see you tomorrow. :*

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