Monday, 13 July 2009

One year from my european tour .

Ah . I cant believe that one year just passed by.
Year before I was on my last concert from Tokio Hotel european tour.
I was touring with them to see them life. My journey to see them live in 2008 started in March.
I still remmember it so clearly like it was yesturday.
Its nice to know that i was a part of something like TH tour.
I wont give it to anyone even sometimes I had baddest moments in my life there.
But it was worth it. seriously. I've meet so much people on tour. which are now my good good friends. Some of them are my Best feirnds.

Still remmember me and Schwarzi going to Nijmegen and everytime we walked out of the hotel we recognize that we have forgoten something and going back over and over again haha
Or we were so hungry and we had some instant soups but we didnt have kettle so we went to the bathroom and do the instant soup in hot shower watter hahahaha.
Or the jokes about Your Mom on the camp hahaha like

Your mama's so poor she can't afford to pay attention
Your mama's so ugly she made an onion cry
Your mama's so stupid she blinked and got lost
Your mama's listening to Rubik.
Your mama's listening to Tokio Hotel.
Your mama doesn't have knees.
Your mama's shining in the darkness.
Your mama's found in forest.
Your mama's having go at trains.
hahaha ok enough xD

Or i sat at the airport in Barcelona with no food and water oO for 24 hours -_-
and almost fainted in the airplane.
yeah anyway that was huge experience for me xD because this tour was much bigger than the one in 2006

Now I'm seating and looking at all those moments that i've been through
I miss my friends, mostly Dredi, Schwarzi, Marta, Dian, Karolina, Ann.
I love this girls seriously. I'm glad that I had a chance to meet them

Hahaha and I have to say that so many people hate me for that i was on this tour and 2006 as well.
They made such a stupid things about me without even meeting me in person or knowing me well. I remember those times when they used to call me Bitch I think they still do that but I dont really care about it. Its their business. But sometimes it hurts so much.
Ok here are some of my other pic from Werchter festival

and my video from Dortmund xD

Ok I have to go now. I'm going with Elizka to Michael Jackson fan meet up at the O2
so Ciao Bambino :*

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