Thursday, 23 July 2009

Köln is Calling!

Ok so today Iget greatest news of the day hahahaha.
Tokio Hotel gonna play Concert in Köln!!!
So finally I'm gonna meet with my friends.
I miss my girls soooooooooo much. I wonder who's gonna come xD
Today I brought my flight!!! so 26.08-30.08 I'm gonna be off for tour !
Oh man thats gonna be good!
I really cant wait.
But after buying my Flight I realized that my passport had just expired.
so on Monday or on Friday I have to go and do new one.
I hope I'll get it till 25th August.!!
I MUST be there no matter what!!!!
Btw. I love this city so much!

Ok I'm gonna read book now and I'll go to sleep :*

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