Saturday, 29 January 2011


 so random!

I decided to start blogging again, jesus long time i havent posted a thing here but i will try hard to do so this time :D 
Im bored of blogging in polish so i will do it in english  maybe im gonna be random sometimes writing a post in my language so just ignore it or if you really desperate to read what crap im writing there just translate it ( you have google translate widget on the right)

Anyways i have soooo much work to deal with over next 2 weeks, basically im doing fashion and photography now and i need to finish the dress (im gonna talk about it more in few days) by 10th of feb which is actually day before my bday (it sucks!!) 
I hateeee deadlines! i really do, esspecially now when i have 4 projects at one time and little time to finish 2 of them, i seriously dont know what to do with the time . 
alright i had pretty boring and annoying day in college today (im gonna show-off with my pimped out college in comming days as well ) i went to college just to write exam i thought its gonna take an hour or so but it was just 15 minutes which is WASTE OF TIME + it was so cold that i walked into my house as one huge piece of ice haha ! 
anyways im tired now im off to bed 


if i made any spelling mistakes just forgive me im so tired.  and i seriously cant be bothered to correct it right now.


  1. Yaaaaay finnnnally :D:D:D:D <3
    And your new background looks great.