Thursday, 15 October 2009

Oh Tom - die Nacht ist hell

hahaha God hahaha.
Now everytime i will listen to Komm i will hear Tom and i will also sing it TOOOOOOOM hahaa

omg I'm so dead after those pic's awrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *-*

Oh I'm so fucked up, tired I waited 2 hours in COLD COLD on the bus stop
none of the buses came. So I came back to my house called bus company and what have they told me?
*Busses were there*
no they fucking wasnt! -_-'
and again I missed college when i needed to be there -_-'

I'm going for one hour sleep because im yawn as hell now. and im cold because i didnt had any sleep again this night no idea what the hell is going on
and im too tired to do anything.
so .

Afternoon sleep ^^.


  1. That pic is sooooo soo cute *-*
    I still have no words <3

    And the video is so funny,everytime i listen to Komm i also think of it now xD