Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mask Making Project.

So I spend WHOLE day on making my mask. its still not finished but i will try to finishe it over weekend. or on monday.
in 2 weeks i have one week break and than im going back on tour *-*
I need to be forward with my work because of EMA's and my other things in germany ;]
and actually I'm so forward with my work even i miss a lot of College.
And i had this conversation about my absence with Simon today -_-'
again one simple question and sentence which can get on my nerves seriously.
*You missed a lot of College Natalia. Where have you been?*

yeah -_-' dont you dare to tell me that again. I told him to stop saying that tome i've got it in my head and i know about it. he said he need to remind me about my college --'

Going Back to my mask.
first pic haha i know its so ugly but its very beginning of making human face in clay ;]
second picture shows vacuum formed mask from gold plastic ^^.
on the top you can see some kind of crowd i done with cardboard ^^.
Now I'm painting it.
I like it. ^^
than i will do make up for it, i will stick fake eye-lashes to it and some sequins.
wish me luck haha..

Oh and Alffie destroyed my feelings today with singing PCD from my iphone hahaha.

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  1. Oh it looks great *___*
    Cant wait to see the finished version then :D:D:D