Saturday, 3 October 2009

Whitney Houston

My 80 & 90's queen is back <3333333333
i love this album and i pre ordered it now. its gonna be released on 16.10
i cant wait to have it in my hands *-*
she have amusing voice as always. and songs are beautiful *-*
and she is so beautiful as always!
You probably never knew about that i like Whitney Houston but
i actually love her to death hahah!
lets hope she will play concert in here London. so I will be first person who will buy the ticket hahaha!
OMG songs from this album are so amusing *-*
hahaha I know I know I'm getting so excited abut it but i cant hel it haha!

one of my favourites <3

ook finally im tired and i'm going to sleep. i will write more tomorrow ^^.

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