Friday, 16 October 2009


If you only knew how much I need you right now. will never know.

Yes I look like DEAD person today. I walk like I'm drunk.
I look totally like dead person. boah i feel like this as well -_-'
yesterday night was nightmare. I'm still not over it but good that IT happened.
You guys dont want to see my eyes right ?
WHOLE RED. yes RED as hell -_-'
My heart pains as hell today as well -_-'
(it really do i think i will take some tablets i hate doing it but i have to )
and i had just not even 2 hours sleep.

WHAT a good LIFE?!

And Isa thank you again that you are there <3
I never wished to have better soulmate as you are <333333333

1 comment:

  1. Im glad everytime i can help you <3
    And im so happy we can talk about EVERYTHING,no matter which topic *_*
    We are really kinda soul-mate-like <3

    love you <3