Tuesday, 27 October 2009


OMG hahaa i laughed my ass off today hahaha.
can you see what i see and what we see and what we laughed about almost whole evening?


oh god haahhaa
we had funny conversation on msn hahahaa.

*that WTF company is the best xd
*man this concert gonna be like one big WTF
*rofl you are riiiiight haha
*on polish ticket it should be OMG ha2
*rofl thats great ideaLOL
*on french tickets it should be STFU ha2
*what means that?
*shut the fuck up ha2
*oh and on polish that also should be LMAO- laugh my ass off ha2
*and on german eee no idea ha2
*maybe r o f l
*thats a conversation on high level xd
*haha i know ha2
*are you KIDDDDING me?LOL
*maybe they will also sale LIDL or BIEDRONKA tickets ha2
*no polish BIEDRONKA is the best hahaha
*cool name rofl
*omg imdead
*dskasůld when im laughing it hurts so muchroflstop it
*oh my god... thats so CUTElol
*my tummy dies from laughing now ha2
*im sorry hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha
*loli just saved that converstaion
HAHAHAHA you are my hero of this night Jana <3
i still laugh about it so much.
we all should name the cities where we going haha. like WTF, STFU, ROFL, LOL, LMAO, OMG. etc. hahahaa
i mean for real i never had ticket for TH konzi like this hahahaa.
its gonna be so special WTF ticket
oh god hahaha

now. from couple of days im one bag of nerves.
I'm so stressed about this whole thing, and i dont know if i can get on like this. ok
after buying those tickets i feel much saver but still i have 4 to go with .
uh uh uh uh
pray for me tomorrow.
i wonder whats the cost of Lodz tickets *-*
huhu its gona be fun in it?
in 4 days im gonna wait or have my last 2 hours of sleep till my flight.
Time is going so fast.

i'm writing this letter for you ....

and we gonna drink vodka...loats of vodka yehey hahaha!

love you girls <3

Isa Dredi & Jana and Marta <3

1 comment:

    And who saw the WTF? meeeeeeee xDDDDD
    I always see the weird things haha xDD

    haha and i think your conversation was really funny xDDD
    For Germany ticket sale you should add ALDI hahaha xDDD but ok,we also have LIDL here xDD or PENNY haha xD

    And you're not the only one who is stressed,trust me haha xD
    I should stop drinking RedBull,that makes my nerves go crazy even more xDDD

    Haha and jaa so soon xD
    Vodka Party xDD

    Love you <3