Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What if we....?

What if we were just too young?

Hmm i have really nothing to say.
I'm happy. simple as hell happy.
but I'm so stressed for Tour. seriously.
I hope they were serious in
"Full TH treatment for the UK in 2010"
than if so they are whole mine here hahaa.
as soon the will land in London. they are mine.
Pray its true. than i'm the happiest person in the world.
tour? for sure
Oberhausen, Hamburg, Prague, Brussels & Helsinki.
hopefully Amsterdam + Warsaw.
than UK UK UK
and welcome (pray for it) Canada.
Febuary. oh no -_-' I really dont want to spend my b-day in cold mess waiting in line to be close to him -_-' i dont want this. i want to go to poland and celebrate it as i should.

now just 19 days till EMA's. I'm sooooo stressed about it.
but I'm happy to meet everyone there.


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  1. jaka piękna Pani na zdjęciu *.*
    trasa trasa trasa <3