Sunday, 4 October 2009

Call my soul

Sunday. = boring.

I came back home from long walk. I have to say I thought about so many things.
and I realized so many things as well.
And now I feel so depressed. no idea why.
Everything was good ok almost everything.

Nothing happens by accident.

I'm watching my every Sunday movie ^^.
and than i will go out to the shop. and for second walk oO
Than I will finish mask design and i will try to get over this stupid depressive feeling.
It should be this way.
i should be happy now. but im not. thats my biggest problem ;]

Awake my soul.


  1. nic nie zmienialam :PP hahahaha ;)
    nie dziekuje, zeby nie zapeszyć :* w sumie sie nauczylam juz wiecej niz polowa ;D wiec mam nadzieje ze bedzie ok.

    Heeej... główka do góry i niczym się nie zamartwiaj! Szkoda czasu na smutki. :*:*:*

  2. Love the pic *_*
    Your eye and lashes look sooo amazing *_*