Sunday, 25 October 2009

Make some Noise

OMG i cant wait more for this opening.
i always loved opening. everything in me was shaking, i had feeling of getting heart attack even doe i'm one whos always calm even on the concerts.
I wonder how stage gonna look like *-*
lets hope it will be done ON TIME hahaha

Some people are pissing me off seriously -_-'.

btw,. yesterday night was very strange night in it Isa? oO
swimming pools, benches etc,


  1. omg mialam takie ciary jak to oglądałam ze szok!
    chórek Toma kosi mi mózg *.* genialne genialne genialne.

    to co widzimy się w marcu ? :P

  2. I also love the openings,especially when they have this HEARTBEAT thing oh god *__________*

    And ja that night was VERY strange o.O
    Im still confused about it o.O