Saturday, 17 October 2009

Shopping at Westfield London <3

Oh god I'm so tiredtired!
My dad took me for shopping to Westfield London. HugeHuge shopping centre. My legs hurt a lot. i was there for 3 hours oO anyways. Shopping was good. i get what i wanted to get.
And its like medicine for badbad mood and to get over some of insane people of my mind.


Click for bigger.

Today i bought
Britney Spears Curious perfume *-* smells and looks so nice
Clean & Clear Facial wipes.
ELLE (again)
L'Oreal- Double extention Renewal serum inside mascara.
Brand new Cd from DJ.Tie:sto "Kaleidoscope" awesome awesome <3
Dress (A|X Paris. )
Long Boots (Deichmann)
Froggy sleepers oh god they are so funny when i saw them i was so amused and i had to take them hahaha. cute in it? hahahaha (Deichmann)
+ New heater Fan yeheeeeey! its so nice *-*

hmm what else. I'm listening to new Tiesto CD and i have to say I'm so Obsessed with it already.
I recomend it to everyone seriously its awesomeawesome.

I just had My smoked cheese + salad toast. hmm and now im going to..... no idea what to do hahaha,
I will update other sites of mine i think!.

Oh and my dream today was so ridicilous! i had dream about Pooing Moles (animals) oO can you imagine that? i was running away because they chased on me oO.

Ok I'm going.


  1. Oh that shopping center looks soo nice *_*
    If you would came here and see where i have to look for clothes and so on you would die from laughing haha xD

    And i loooove the stuff you bought *-*
    The dress and the boots *-*
    And the frog shoes are so funny haha xD I bet our french friends get soo jealous and hungry when they see it hahahahaha xDD

    Haha and your dream was really ridiculous haha xD

    Love you <3



  2. wiesz, jak patrze na te buty to mi sie smiac chce ze ktos takiego coś miał we łbie hahaha

  3. zabki ruuulez *.*
    aaaaa !

    nie, to bluzka, nie tunika hahahah

  4. I love the dress *-*
    ...and the rest of course *-*
    You've got style ;)

  5. ehh... na szczescie takich butow nie proponuja na codzien hahaha
    wgl z butami to mam zawsze problem, nie ma takich jakie bym chciala, a jak sa to sa na cienkiej szpilce...