Monday, 3 May 2010


i spent that weekend with my friend . boah i know her since we were 9? hahaha  so long.
i went to buy a dress do high wycombe and i had idea to meet with her haha i have to say that was good idea xD

so i went back home for an hour and went back to high wycombe and met with M. and than we walked around Eden , we decided to go to see some movie, we wanted to go for sex and the city 2 but it will be in cinemas on 28th so we def. will go for that haha. we bought tickets for Kick Ass and went to the park... hahaha where was a fun fair hahaha she FORCED me haha to go on one ride. so i agreed i thought it will be shit but... haha it wad fun haha. fucking fast i thought i will hit the barriers hahaha. or my hair will stuck somewhere haha.
than we went to eat lunch and we realized we will be late for our movie so we rushed to the cinema bought popcorn and sat at the back of the screening room xD
the movie was good i have to say.  we had so much laughs at this guy hahaha.
man if i will ever see someone like this i will need WV straight away because i will laugh so hard haha.
after the movie i was so sleepy haha and it started to rain -_-'
we went to her house and stayed overnight.. haha first we had karaoke hahaha omg these songs hahaha.
than her sister gave us Pop Idol dance mat hahaha i just played one round  we were toobusy with cheking some stuff on internet.
than we watched House MD till late and went to sleep.

next day i felt so fucked up haha. as always on sundays. it was raining and boring . i came back home and i was supposed to put all my clothes in the wash but i didnt do it i was just too lazyyyy

oh and i im mad at myself i didnt took my camera with me -_-'
so i have only one pic hahaha  but well .
funny one hahaha  from the cinema.

ok so today is a bank holiday anddddddd i have to finish what i started week ago haha which means cleaning and so on in my rooms.
than i should start to do some research for my final project.

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