Wednesday, 5 May 2010

ouch it looks like i've been also stalking my grandma oO

ouch it looks like i was also stalking my grandma and entire family in belgium and poland hahaha!!!!
i know it sound so ironic but i cant get over it someone called me the baddest stalker ( WOAH)

let me introduce you to my granny! shes so lovelyyyyy! even sometimes i cant spent even 5 minutes with her i still loveeee her!
so who should i stalk next?
maybe my neighbour? or my aunts dogs? hahaha
this blaming me for being stalker when i was on my FAMILY visit hurted me so much seriously people ;]
you have to understand that I have life OUTSIDE TH world and also that your friends should mean a bit more to you as they are real not a band that you just see but cant touch ;]
oh i have better idea! maybe now everyone will think my grandma is part of my STALKING MAFIA?! haha and was actually stalking at twins house with me ?! ( even they weren't there HAHAHAHAHA) 



  1. OMG Nati who call you a stalker?

  2. 5th picture is so sweeeeeeeeeet!
    and your grand mother looks cool.

  3. Dnt worry baby! They blame me for stalking TH even though ive neven been to any of their concerts lmaoo
    Just ignore them, they're not worth your attention because ppl suck. ;')
    btw im following ya! (Y)

  4. eyy these photos are really cute ;D
    btw. I love the last photo! Is it in Poland? .)