Thursday, 17 December 2009


Omg today was such a hard day! I was dressed up with my nice dress and jacket and leather jacket and when i was with my dad in the car it was snowing oO
it was so cold, and i didn't had any warm jacket -_-'
well its my fault i should put something on but well xD
I was 7 hours in the dark room which was even more colder than outside. -_-', hmm but at least i printed some pictures out and they are so nice *-*
Danya said it was perfect as for first time so xD
I was so tired when i came back home so i went to sleep from 16-22 haha and i said i will go to sleep just for hour haha. what else, now i'm tired again, maybe i will watch some movie
oh and i have no idea what can i east, im going down to the kitchen opening the fridge and staring in it... i'm full of food, i dont know what can i eat god -_-'

oh and i dont know what can i buy to my dad for xmas this year oO

oh and the pic haha its my window hahaha it look so funny.
and my garden is full of snow hahaa. should i go to make snowman tomorrow? haha
oh and i have my xmas holidays now *-------*
no college till new year *-*


  1. Oh the pic looks so nice :D:D:D

    Haha funny that we dont have snow yet o.O xDD

    Oh and holidays :D Always good xDDD

    And you knew your dark-room-work will be nice,you know you have that talent haha xDD



  2. pada śnieg
    pada śnieg
    jebią się bałwanki
    kurwa mać, kurwa mać
    ktoś zajebał sanki ;(
    renifery to frajery
    ciągną mikołaja
    a mikołaj stary pedał
    czochra je za jaja ;/

    snow is love kurwa ! :DDD