Thursday, 17 December 2009


Morning everyone!!

Im in such good mood today i have no clue why but its good haha.
Im getting ready for college today. I will print my negatives in the dark room today *-* keep fingers crossed for me !

Im in the middle of my breakfast. oO Its a wonder that i actually eat breakfast now oO i never eat so early in the morning, but well my dad made me really nice sandwiches as he said * stop smoking and drinking coffee all the something* so i'm doing it now xD
oh btw. this sauce i added to sandwiches is bit too spicy hahaha.

I wonder how weather will be today. I hope not too cold, i have dress on I think i will put long coat on if so, my dad have holidays now so he can drive me to college xD so i have more time to do stuff at home. I could sleep longer but well....i had to pack up as i forgot to do it yesturday ..upsiii.

And as you see new picture of me xD i love it. haha i know im being selfish hahaha. I also photoshoped some Tom's pics. and i also love them . Oh btw. i had really nice Tom dream today *-*.
hmm only thing i can write here is everything was in Paris *-*.
I love Paris, its magic for me. especially in christmas time. as in my dream.
haha i have to tell isa about it hahaha. I bet she will be happy to hear it hahahaha.
in it Isa? hahaha

oh and 2 months till tour. oO how fast this time is going oO. I mean c'mon yesterday we got tour dates and we decided wherever we go or not . thats siiiiiick.

ok i'm going to finish my brekfast and than i will brush my teeth and do make up and college i'm comminnnnng hahahaha

btw. such a long post today haha my mood is really good as i see hahaha.

Have a good day people

oh and pleaseeeeee tag my work next time you put it somewhere or any pics i did .



  1. oj Ty pierdonko moja <3333
    nie ogladalam dzisiaj brzyduli ej ! jaaa.


  2. Oh i looove your pic _*
    And the Tom-pic as well *_*

    And haha jaaa the PARIS (Y) Story haha OMG xDDD