Friday, 25 December 2009

Xmas .

today i look like this haha i have to say i like myself now hahaha!

well its xmas so we all should look nice and special haha

i watched Home Alone i was waiting for it whooooooooooole year haha
tomorrow i will watch Home Alone 2
i ate so much . we made sooooooooooooo much food for just 3 people dont know why hahaha
but well haha.
oh and i got nice presents *-*
well its not what i actually wanted for now but i wanted it before and i have it <3
its all cosmetics and makeup from M.A.C <3 and Revilon mirror. i love those make-up mirrors im so happy to own it xD
well 6 more days till this year will end im so happy about it from few reasons haha
and oh
thank you XX for the best xmas present EVER!
thank you thank you cant wait to see you here <3333333333333

oh one girl said i copy kenza ! because of my Pic's, style, blog, make-up and my hair
so to make it clear i dont even watch her blog, i dont even know this girl and i have my own style , and my own style of taking and edit pics and oh god what a lame thing that is to blame me for this haahhahahaa



  1. The pic is soo amazing *___*
    -but i have already told you that haha ;) -

    And yeah of courseeeeeeeeee you copy Kenza,i mean,just look on your blog,im just reading SWEDISH here maaaaaaaaaaaaaan xDD
    And you talk also about such IMPORTANT (!!!) things like you bought your friends you know what for christmas and all HAHAHAHA xDD
    And,as we all can see,you dress up like a whore,so you also copy her style (Y)
    TOTALLY hahahahahahaha
    oh god how stupid can people be to say you 'copy' her haha xD



  2. kopiujesz KENZE ?
    wtf? hahhaahhaha

  3. You're very beautiful Nati*-*
    I like your hair <3 <3
    And I think it's crystal clear that you don't copy anyone.(:

  4. ahaahhaahahahahhaahahhahaha
    rymy napisane w pol godziny i chuja jestesmy zajebiste ! hahahaahahahah
    a georg where ma skladaka ;(((? zajebali mu !
    fokle ten misiu pysiu na foteczce jaaa*-* chce takiego!