Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas tree!

yehey this is my little Christmas tree on my desk i dressed it up today xD
i love it hahaa. Marti gave me ideo of putting TH to it so i did hahahaa
i also put some decorations on my wardrobe and shelves and window xD .
so my room is full of Christmas haha same as my house. today i dont all the decorations in the house xD
tomorrow we going with my dad on shopping. but well i wont buy anything cause i want to save my money on tour hahaa. its gonna be haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!
oh and today i will watch last episode of my series sad i dont want it to end! what im gonna watch?
oh and i have to say again i love POLAND i just love my country so much hahahaha!!!!!



  1. Ohh that looks soo amazing :D
    And with TH its even more special and nice :D:D:D



  2. Oh, what a nice christmas tree!:D
    And the TH decorations...awesome.(: