Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Wishes for you all!

pic from last year but well i dont have any yet xD

so everyone have wonderful Christmas
i wish you all great time with your families
great presents underneath your xmas tree!!!
dont eat too much hahaha. (well i will eat so much today! hahaha)

For TH fans i wish you all to meet them or i wish you all Bill, Georg and Gustav...I will keep Tom for myself hahaha!!!!
what else. for those who will go on Humanoid Tour see you there and lets have great time once again!
Also all of you have great great New Years Eve! Dont drink so much!
make it as much fun as you can
and have nice hangover healing on first day of new year hahahaa.
i wish you all the best thank you for visiting my blog.
i love you all.



  1. Awwww <3
    I wish you the same and a great evening,and who knows,maybe you will have Tom with a red ribbon under the tree ;P xD THAT would be a cool present,huh? xDD

    And the video is LOVE *_* <3


    love you <3


  2. OMG that pic again hahahahahahahahah xDD

    Oh nooooooooo xDDDDDDDDD