Friday, 11 December 2009

Uhm...bad bad boy.

uhm.... i have mixed feelings to this. i really do have mixed feelings.
one thing i wanna say... have SUCH A BEST FRIENDS.
if i were there and my friend was about to get bitten up by boy i would start to fight him ...picture shows her friends were uhm... like statues there?
uhm...he should never ever raise his hand on a GIRL. no matter who she is and what she done...
he showed he can....
i just hope he will be ok in the end.
thats just SICK.



  1. Yeah,im also like O___O now..
    I want to see this damn video -.-'
    To see how everything REALLY happened ...

    And ja,her friends see to be so nice (Y) ALways by her side hahahahahahahaa xDD

    But yeah,im also confused..and i also hope that everything will come to a good end for Tom especially.



  2. I can't blame him for punching her...not anymore.Now I understand him.she wasn't even a fan, she's a sick person.When I first heard about 'Tom hit a girl' I couldn't believe it.TOM?TOM HIT A GIRL?That can't be possible, I thought.But SHE did all this.She made him lose control and act like this.He went through all that, without saying anything to the fans and we were waiting for the album while he was leaving in hell with his problems.They've been stalking them for months, he couldn't do anything aanymore to protect himself and his family.Stalking isn't actually a crime as Perrine's lawyer said, so police couldn't help.I don't see what else he should have done.People fight for less important reasons every day.All that happend because he's famous and she wants to make money from him.First of all he's a human with feelings and everybody should try to understand him before judge him...I wish there would be someone there to hug him and tell him "everything's gonna be okay." =(

  3. I understand,it's a kind of an unwritten rule that boys don't hit girls but i can't stand all this anymore...It's so hard.=(

  4. yeah she feel alone o.O And it looks like he's trying to pick her up from the ground o.O Wish him luck <3