Sunday, 20 December 2009


So yesturday was kind of hard day, i cleaned up the house, i put the decorations on, i did xmas shopping, i still need to go with my dad to buy things for our xmas supper.
well this year we have small christmas, just me my dad and his GF (Y)
but well haha i didnt had to spend bilions on presents haha.
i just wrapped them and i will put them tomorrow under the tree. as we decided to dress up just 2 trees this year one in my room and one in living room, maybe my dad will put some lights on christmas tree outside our house but well lets see tomorrow xD
i wish i could spend this christmas and new years eve in poland. but well i have to be happy with what i have ;]
oh and as presents i bought my dad armani diamonds giftset *-* smell so good, for his gf i bought CK perfume and some coconut body washes, creams, butters etc xD
haha and as always i bought something for myself...i will keep it secret :P

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  1. co nie zmienia faktu, ze jestesmy ZUE i w ogole
    i bedzie w styczniu rzucanie moneta przez 'mod od przypierdalania'
    oby na nas nie wypadlo ;( hhahahaha