Monday, 14 December 2009


ok so today finally processed my film. and... i have to say its cool thing to do
but boring as hell. it was first time i processed a film.
and teachers said its amusing that all my photos came out on the film
because most people who do it first time (and not even!) are screwing it.
and i did it right!! :DD
on thursday i will print them in the dark room, those ones i edited my processed film in photoshop.
but i love it *-*

oh and on the pic's there are my friends from college and my teachers xD

oh and yesturday i watched New Moon haha
and i have to say Jacob *---------* his naked body made me so *-* hahaha
stupid Bella...

now im gonna watch my series and...
i cant wait to see new TH video. they should just put it on site not waiting for it without knowing what time it will come up
and i bet they will post it when there will be day in USA and night in Europe -'-


1 comment:

  1. Nice work :D
    Haha your new talent :D

    [btw. one of the guys in your pics looks nice ;) xD]

    Oh and New Moon lol xD
    You know what i mean xD

    And well,now we saw they can post a video before whole Europe is sleeping,its a WONDER haha xDDD