Tuesday, 29 December 2009


aaaaaaaaa oh god i have finnally ordered hh & obi tickets.
im so happy i dont have to be woried about it anymore XD
lets just wait for them to come and i just need paris and im done with tickets hahaha
well and today is such weird day oO, its so boring, and rainy and no one is here and god -_-'
hahhahaa i heard there are rummosr about bill having GF buahaha what a rumor hahahaha
people should calm down hahahhaa

1 comment:

  1. Finally finally :D
    Very good :D
    After your nice searching-session,you remember? hahahaha xDDD I just say ' Oh in my heel !' hahahahaa xDDD

    Haha and Bill & gf?
    Whats up people? xDDDD
    Where shall he got her now xDD LIDL? (from how the rumour-girl looks) xDDD