Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tatiana Thumbtzen Curls ;]

Well i already said i love her hairstyle.
well i want it so i will have it hahaha
i was doing my hair for 2 hours just finished it and i look like this!

like it? well i love it haha i will curl my hair every 2 days till i get the properones in hairdresser hahaa.
ok now im gonna smoke and brush my teeth and than bed because college in few hours.
night night :*



  1. Oh you look great *___*
    You really look like her o.O

    And the 2 hours were worth it ;D



  2. *_*

    Wuah sweet.... <3

  3. she does not look like Isa stop lieing to her lol although your hair is beautiful i think you would be much prettier if you didn't smoke it's not attractive and it makes you breath stink just saying.

  4. i cut down on smoking dont worry ;D and i always have mints with me so my breath doesnt stink, and its my own way with dealing with stress everybody has one.
    and well thank you and i know i dont look like her, i wish to be serious this woman is beautiful.

  5. Tatiana is a LIAR. Check this out:

  6. It does not matter what you do to your hair .....YOUR UGLY hahahahhahahahahaa

  7. i always loved tatiana thumbzten and her hair and my friends/family say that i look like her every time when THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL video comes on tv but i dont think so cause she is so beautiful and i just the yellow girl/white girl that everybody calls me but this year when i start my junior year i will be walking in the school with the tatiana curls and no longer pail looking

  8. dear anonymous
    if you want to insult me in any way please learn your English

    YOU'RE* if so...

  9. How did you make you're hair have perfect ringlits like that? Explain the method please haha because I'm really wanting to know how to make my hair like that :)