Tuesday, 27 April 2010


i have kind of lazy day today. i wanted to finish my project but im too lazy haha grr 
i went out to high wycombe today. and i found niceeeeeeeee diary *-* 
i bought it haha. 
and omg its so warm here! feels seriously like summer! 
tomorrow i will go out to meet with Becia, ages i havent seen her! 
she will have babyyyyyyy and i must see her with big belly haha !

ok so here are some pic's from today:
my new diary *-*

and me today xD

hahaha my friend said i look so like ciara on this pic : 

hahaha well hahaha thats compliment than i adore Ciara my woman-hero *-*
and oh god i look like im black on it hahaha my skin look so dark ...but its because of the light hahaha 
ok now im going to make some food for myself and thaaaaaaan....( haha )
.... and than i will try to do something with my project! .

so i will update my blog tomorrow after i will be back from Becia's house . 



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