Monday, 26 April 2010

One night in Warsaw.

so i came back. i went away for almost a week. I haven't said a word to anyone about where I'm going and why. There was no need of doing that and what did i get?
i got called a STALKER. hmm its not my foult people think and write stupid things without even knowing exactly what i was doing and why and when and so on.  well i admit it i feel sad about this i never expected this person to say such things and be so upset that i visited my family ;] Not standing infront of twins house stalking them as some people think because thats not what makes me happy, surprise for me is that people who know me aso though that and talked shit to other people about me "being" there for stalker-holidays WTF that hurted. but anywayyyyys.

thats where i was
i went away on tuesday night and i visited few cities before i was actually in poland. than in Poland we arrived near Lodz and i just refreshed and as fast as i could i jumped into the train and went to Warsaaaaaaaw,
i met with my best and went for few beers to Hardrock Cafe ;] than Eli came haha what a surprise on her face haha i still see this oOOOO * Nati...what the hell are you doing here?!?!* hahaha
than we talked so much about everything and nothing TH wasnt even a topic there haha so private meeting and i loved it.
than we went to the train station and had nice party at dredis house hahaha.
with Pan Tadeusz vodka * for special meetings *  haha it was special you all cant imagine how good was that hahaha

" And once again we drink for the BOSS* haha of course only me and dredi know what the boss means hahaha
well we drinked everything for the BOSS hahaha
we went to bed at 5 or 6 in the morning haha i just know it was light outside and i was telling dredi to make room darker because i cant sleep haha we talked so muuuuuuuch and i have to say im so glad to have best friend like she is. she never did bad to me she always respect as i do and i love her sooooooo
haha as she said " Nati..of course you were stalking me!!! you stalkerrrrrrr " hahaha and lets stick to that.

ok here are some pictures with my bestssss

haha drunk on the balcony haha we love this balcony do we? hahaha
ciggarettes always taste better with her on this balcony i swear to god hahaa!!!!!!

hahaha man my face looks like i had meet and greet with a tram hahaha !
haha and some pics with out Tediiiii

and at the end picture with my Eliiiii in Hardrock xD 

so thats it for One night in warsaw
what happend in Poland stays in Poland right? hahaha 
goodnight  everyone :*

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  1. nie załamuj mnie :D mnie mów, że byłaś w Wawie w tym samym czasie co ja i nie odjebałysmy żadnego meetingu, ja byłam od piątku do poniedziałku, a Ty ? :( hahahaha ale, foty piękne :D:D:D :*