Sunday, 18 April 2010

Goodbye Humanoid City.

So this is it, and i hardly can believe it that another tour just came to a end.
It was amusing, the show was awesome, the people were so nice and i want to meet them again some day.
I remember each of this 6 shows so clear, every moment, every song just everything.
I want to hold the moments in my hands and never let it go.
I'm really thankful to the guys for giving me such opportunity to be there with them and my friends having fun in Humanoid City.
I never thought that tour could be that good, really i thought im gonna suck it so much that i wont like the show but actually i did so well and im inlove with this show. i want to see it all over again.
it was so hard to let them go really, the last song in Paris ...god i felt like someone is ripping my heart out of my body,
i wanted this construction to stuck, to stop not letting them go. and for the first time i cried on TH so much. as soon as i heard the first sound of Tom's guitar on last song my eyes were full of tears, i never wanted to cry it just came by itself and than tears started coming out of my eyes like crazy.
i really got used to the guys, and to this tour, to my friends and everything what happened.
as Dredi said it
Congratulation to US! 
we did so well. im so prouuuuuuud.
I want to say thank you to all the people i've been in Humanoid City with.
Thank you Dredi for being there for me and with me in hard and good times
Thank you Isa for nice first part of tour.
Thank you Gordon for stalking us.
Thank you to each of my polish girls <3
Thank you to nice security i never expected that from you guys
Thank you Marco we dont know what we would do without you
Thank you everyone who was there it was nice to meet all of you people
and the most and the best thank you goes to our guys.  Thank you Tokio Hotel for making this happen. <3

Now when i have nothing to wait for i feel so empty. my life seems to be so boring i need them!
but i hope they will take long break now, as they deserve it.
now i have one more "mission" to do. haha
i really have to say goodbye so im going to pack my suitcase now and go to sleep as im leaving to heaven tomorrow ;]
  the little pieces of my tour.

thats what i have left after this tour. 
i have to buy new flag as i had this one for 3-4 years already and its a bit dirty now so i will put it in the frame with all the passes and so on from this tour. 

on the pic with legs i dont have to explain who is there right? hahahaha than the next pic is a screen with my flag in Oberhausen the next one is in rotterdam .
Tom ....i have no words to what you did to me this tour. omg. thank you so much.
i just wonder what is it in Poland that he always must spot it hahaha. <3
Animation is from Oberhausen, the screens from Rotterdam. 
haha we will do Human connect to Human next time hahahaha...just few people know what i mean hahaha <3

 more than amusing.

 Willst du mehr?
Willst du nie zurück?
Willst du alles
Dann komm mit
Wir suchen nach dem Licht
Wir beide: du und ich

Nimm meine Hand
Wir sind allein
Zusammen wird alles anders sein

Goodnight. and i will write when i iwll be back xD 


  1. pięknie to wszystko opisałaś. 6 koncertów, gratuluję wytrwałości w dążeniu do celu ;) ja byłam tylko, ale w sumie 'aż' na jednym, a teraz czuje pustkę, uzalezniłam się i zrobię wszystko, żeby to nie był ostatni ;) tylko niech ruszą dupy do niemiec ;p
    pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie,

  2. kocham Twoj nowy layout <3 jest genialny!

  3. no na warsztatach było cudownie, wiesz max spotkać ludzi twarzą w twarz którymi się jarałam od dzieciaka do tego jeden z nich Ci mówi, że masz spoko okulary i fajny tatuaż hahaha

    dawaj nowa notkę, bo jestem FANKA STALKERKI NATT :d:d :*

  4. haha no wrzucaj te foty :D

    no ja mam tatuaż, robiłam jakoś miesiąc temu niecały, podaj maila to wyślę fote :D a Ty jaki chcesz i gdzie ?:D na wakacje nie rób, bo Ci wyblaknie od słonca :(