Thursday, 12 November 2009

college + lil shopping.

yeah you probably know i'm obsessed with Andrew Collinge <33
today i bought brand new hair dryer and i love it so *-*
Also new faux cushion as you can see on the pic. its really nice and fluffy *-*
and my favourite tomato sauce that i will eat tomorrow with nice pasta.

Today i went to college for the first time i actually wanted to go there and it was really fun i have to say.,
new tutor. yes Simon is gone ;(
but she is nice, and fun so i hope course will go on fun as well.
rebbeca killed me today with her nice gangsta picatchu hahah

and WTF?! i never thought someone can be THAT rude and unfaithful like them oO nice nice
i hate it !

ok now. i will do my front page to my new sketchbook and i will go to shower and my bed is calling me
so good night <3

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