Tuesday, 10 November 2009


I'm Back.
whatever happend there gonna stay betwen us.
I thought I messed up...i was so wrong.. i didnt knew that after bad time something can come and light the darkness up.
Thank you for nice Drinking, crying, ASP, laughing, making crazy thing and everything .

Lass Uns Laufen.


I still wonder why? why and what was HE doing there on THIS time at night oO
ok never mind oO

I'm so tired i had 394885943234 messages on my MSN and i need my bed so much.
I really really missed it.

Thank you to everyone I meet in Germany

T + U2 + Green Day + David Hasselhof + Jesse Metcalfe and Others.
and everyone from my friends and those I meet.
Your support mean so much to me .

btw 2. I hate this bald fucking idiot ...why he followed me? no idea.

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