Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Organic Artists

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Yehey my awesome duck hahahahaa!!!!!!
i know you all love it hahaha
yes this is my Organic Artist Project.
i have to search for 7 artists which are making something organic.
but not organic that they made something from wood, its about shape something natural ;]
i like this project. hmm kind of easy but still a lot of work. and presentation., this is my sketchbook up on the pic one + of it its BLACK which present my work in better way xD
oh the artists on this page are Hugo Haring German architect. i love this building thats why i took his as example and drawed it ;]
and also Nicola Hicks and i drawed her DUCK ( hahahaha) but im my way hahaa!
ok one more painting to do, + evaluation and meaning of organic and organic art and im done for today xD

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  1. Great drawings :)
    And it looks like a lot of work o.O