Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween night.

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hahahahaha. i'm lovin' it ;]

So this year i did not celebrate Halloween.
I'm at home drinking whiskey and trying to relax a bit before my flight tomorrow.
yes it is so stressing going for tour. everytime i go to see him i have weird feelings.
but the one i have today is strange and unknown to me ;]

i tried to watch movie Trick r'Treat. But of course i was too scared to watch it. so. i didnt finished it. and yes it was scary and disgusting .

here you go you can try it ;]

god god god
breathe nati breathe hahaha .
i love this feeling.


  1. Hahahaha i know the pic :D So amazing haha xDD
    I just imagined you standing somewhere in a HOTEL ROOM like this haha xD
    GEORG would love it ;))))))))))) (joking haha ) xDD

    And oh the trailer looks good :D

    And i cant wait to meet you <333



  2. I'm always afraid of horror movies oO
    Are you too or you couldn't watch just this

    Realx sweety ;D You will have fun soon ;p
    Have a safe flight and good luck ;)

    was that right? ;p