Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ombre Hair

As a woman i like to make changes when my life is in bad place or when I need to get over someone and best way to do it is definitely changing hairstyle ! Yesterday i went to superdrugs and bought L'oreal Perfect Blonde creme and I did ombre hair!  As i was considering doing it for long time i finally got guts to do it , I was pretty freaked out as my hair is so dark that if i bleach it i will end up with orange/coppery  hair but after repeating the process for 4 (!!!) times it came out exactly how i wanted it! I love it!  Ombre hair is loveeeeeeeeee !

So as I said before i done it myself, and i have to say its really easy thing to do, you just bleach the tips of your hair , you can get so many different tones it all depends on how long you leave the bleach on your hair, and of course you have to do it in few steps like for eg. i did it in 4 as my hair was really dark, i took 2-3 cm of hair and bleached it than i added another 2 cm and bleached it again and than another 2-3 cm and so on and so on. Its important that each time you shorten the time of leaving dye on your hair because you want it look like you have gradient on your hair.  I also added some on my fringe because i wanted it to look like I've got some huge roots going on haha ! But you can do it however you want it to look like, for eg you can add some highlights to it as well, I've seen some youtube videos where girls did that, or if you have blonde hair you can add some brown dye onto it to create reverse-ombre look.
Of course your hair is gonna need extra care after bleaching and the texture of it will definitely be dry,  weak and rough. You can buy a toner to make the brassiness of it go away but I'm not gonna do it now as I don't want my hair to be more destroyed as it is, I mean, I expected my hair to fall out and be really dry but as a surprise its kinda fine, a bit dry but not that much maybe its the conditioner that came with the bleach I bought or the bleach itself , I remember when I was about 15 I dyed my hair all blonde and the texture was so awful ! ,My hair broke and were super dry, didn't had any shine but I used different bleach.
Make sure to use aluminium foil to wrap your hair because it makes the dye heat up and keeps bleach from drying ! 

Anywayyysss I really love the look, its something different from plain dark brown hair I used to have!
Here are some pics:

 thats the bleach i used
 first stage of bleaching
 results of first bleaching
 yeheeeeey hahaha loving this superdrugs bag on my head haha !
 thats how my hair look like after bleaching it 4 times xD

i know i may repeat myself but OMBRE HAIR IS LOVEEEEEEEE!


  1. fajnie to wygląda, pasuje Ci :)

  2. świetnie Ci to wyszło, sama się zastanawiałam czy nie walnąć sobie ombre, ale w końcu zdecydowałam się na dekoloryzację całości i wreszcie nie mam czarnych włosów, tylko średni brąz <3 może kiedyś spróbuję, jak odżywię trochę włosy, bo są suche strasznie.

    do rozjaśnianych końcówek polecam odżywkę w spray'u z GlissKur, taka z czarną etykietą, jest bardzo dobra :)

  3. i like to give my hair a new look everytime i'm going through phases too, and you look gorgeous as well as your hair!

  4. Super blog !!! Bede obserwowac :)

  5. I really want to ombre my hair too! Going to try it with extensions though I dont trust doing it on my natural hair..hmm might try it this week :)

  6. So awesome!!! I want Ombre hair <3 the blog btw!!

  7. OooOooOo! I love this! I'm soo tempted to try it! Looks great!